Latest Blog Posts

  • Liuzhou, China

    Darude Sandstorm, album update, and the most beautiful and most snail-obsessed city I've ever been to.

    17 Jan 2024

  • Trust Exercises

    Capturing an atmosphere, and letting others in.

    24 May 2023

  • Phases

    New projects, stereotypes, and how I finally understood why people might like Leonard Cohen.

    18 Apr 2023

  • Books of 2022

    Last year I read further outside my own culture, and here are four books that made an impression on me.

    22 Jan 2023

  • Books of 2019

    After music, my second love is reading. Out of the books I read this year, here are my top 5.

    27 Dec 2019

  • The Grand Tour

    It's Snowing Outside - Chapter V. "On the left lay the whip belonging to Indiana Jones, but my eyes were drawn to the right ..."

    14 Nov 2019

  • On the Bridge

    It's Snowing Outside - Chapter IV. Mixing the film with Skywalker Sound.

    21 Oct 2019

  • Hit the Lights!

    It's Snowing Outside - Chapter III. "Let's watch a movie!"

    25 Sep 2019

  • And She Translated Into the Sky Again

    It's Snowing Outside - Chapter II. The creative process and an invitation.

    08 Aug 2019

  • It's Snowing Outside

    "My name is Rayne Roberts and I'm a director, producer, and executive at Lucasfilm... Oh, and I LOVE your music."

    23 Jul 2019